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Bresser F000033 Octabox High Grade 150 CM 59 with Grid MCXMFANVD



Availability: In Stock

The Octabox allows a professional and natural Motivausleuchtung with soft shades and without annoying light reflectionsInnendiffusor HoneycoMBOctagonal Softbox 360

The Breser SS-7 150cm Octagonal Softbox works like an umbrella but it is a fully-fledged softbox including diffuser cloth. With its solid S-type bayonet mount it fits on all Bresser, Menik and Bowens studio flashes. This umbrella softbox can be opened and closed quickly, making it ideal to carry with you for photo shoots on location. A black exterior with diffuse white cloth at the front gives a beautiful, uniform and smooth illumination. Specifications Umbrella softbox 150 cm Strong metal ribs Foldable and easy to set up S-type bayonet mount for studio flashes (Adapters for different brands are available) Contents Umbrella softbox Diffuser cloth Inner diffuser Transport bag

Bresser F000033 Octabox High Grade 150 CM 59 with Grid MCXMFANVD

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