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BLUE STONE BLACK Headcollar M Case Set with Travel Tripod Rollei FQEKSHGAJ



Availability: In Stock

Camera case for SLR camera with zoom lens.aktions set to travel with and spirit levelLarge, built-in allows overlapping lid on the seat, and anti dust, anti slip handle belt loops, suede and covered in wide carry straps with rain protection and well-padded back protects your camera, extra protective layer covers the case, attached clear inner contrasting, mesh pocket in the lid for accessoires-poches before with éclair-poche to 10years warranty on material, external dimensions: 17.9x 14.5x 20cm-dimensions internal: 17x 11x 16cmCompatible with Canon 5D EOS 750D 760d 600D 650D 700D 100D 1200D SX60SX410SX510SX520SX530Nikon D810D800D750D610D600D5300D5200D5100D3300D3200D3100Pentax K-30D5500D7200D7100L830L820L840P600P530L330P900K-S1K-3K-50K-500K-5Pentax Q-S1q-7xg-pour Pentax Q101X-5Sony SLT-A58SLT-A57A65A58K a58y cipea Alpha A33A35A37A5577A390ILCE A3000H400HX400V RX1, RX10RX100NEX 3, NEX 5, NEX 6NEX 7Alpha 7R 7S 7300050005100/6000Sony Panasonic Lumix LX7LX100FZ1000FZ72fz62-fz45FZ48FZ100FZ200GM1GF3GF5GF6GX7G6GF2G3GH3GH4Fujifilm FinePix X10gh5G5S1S9400S8600S8500S8400S4800S6800SL1000HS25HS28HS50X30X20X10XA 1XE-2XE-1xF-1, 1-xm-xt 1Samsung NX30NX210NX300NX3000NX1100NX2000WB110wb1100WB2200WB2100NX100Olympus Stylus XZ wb5500-2SP-100EE SH-1TG-3Stylus 1SP720sp620SP810E-M1E-M5E-M10E-P3E-PL7E-PL3E-PL2E-PL5E-PL6P5

sacoche-sacoche For SLR Camera with zoomobjektiv. Large, allowing for a handful of overlapping lid the seat belt, suede, wide shoulder strap with padded rutschschutz. For Protecting The valuable kamera., Sharp Clear colour is a extra support dunkelheit. inside interior mesh compartment in the lid for the accessoires-poches front external zip protected by a taschendeckel. the enchanting Big Extra Protective Layer protects the regenüberzug. Travel cloth is also included in fonctions..

BLUE STONE BLACK Headcollar M Case Set with Travel Tripod Rollei FQEKSHGAJ

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