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10 Compatible HP 21 22 Non-oem Ink Cartridges For HP F2185 Printers AHCKHFHYJ



Availability: In Stock

5 Sets of HP 21 / 22 XL Non-OEM Compatible Ink Cartridges of the Highest-QualityIncluded: 5 x HP 21 XL Black; 5 x HP 22 XL Tri-Colour Compatible Ink CartridgesVery high capacity: Black- 20ml, Colour-15ml (compared to 15ml/11ml in the HP XL originals and 5ml/5ml in the HP regular cartridges!)Free 1st Class Delivery to all UK locationsGuaranteed for life to give the same results as the HP original cartridges

Ink Squid HP compatible ink cartridges are the perfect alternative to expensive HP originals. Unlike the originals, ours contain as much ink as it is possible to squeeze inside (in some cases this is up to 8 times as much - see bullet points for comparison ). Designed to give identical results to the originals for a fraction of the cost and everything is guaranteed for life. Ink Squid cartridges install in exactly the same way as the originals - just do exactly as you would do normally and watch the savings pile up!

10 Compatible HP 21 22 Non-oem Ink Cartridges For HP F2185 Printers AHCKHFHYJ

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